Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ch ch ch changes...

Well, they are growing up. We had a chance to run errands, just the four of us, today and their conversations are so different even from this time a year ago. Sometimes the cleverness scares me, and then it results in something funny... Of all the things being a mom is, boring is not one of them!

Abby has the magic meatball, some fast food restaurant's version of the Magic 8 Ball, and its not quite as foolproof as the original, so she's got if figured out. To her amusement and the boys' frustration, of course.

Abby: Oh Magic Meatbaaaaalllll, tellllll me pllllleeeeease, will I be successful and have lots of beautiful clothes?
MM: ask again later
Abby: Will my successful business fail someday?
MM: the magic meatball says no
Abby: Will I have a wonderful new house and clothes like a supermodel?
MM: the meatball says yes!
Elliott: gimme that...
Abby: you can ask it a question, but I get to hold it
Mom: no you have to be holding it for the mojo to work right
Abby: Oh right, I forgot, here
Elliott: Magic Meatball, will I marry a supermodel?
MM: ask again later
Elliott: Oh, come on...
Abby: it's later now, ask again (giggle, giggle)
Elliott: will I marry a supermodel?
MM: the magic meatball says no
Elliott: Oh, man...
Abby: let me try. Magic Meeeeeeatballl... will Elliott marry a fat girl?
MM: the meatball says yes
Abby: Ouch! I said don't hit me!
Elliott: Oh sorry, I didn't hear the don't I was too busy hitting you.
Ben: My turn!
Abby: Okay, but don't ask if you're going to marry a supermodel, you need to marry someone smarter than you.

I've learned to stay out of these interactions. It's much more fun to just hang out and listen.