Tuesday, August 5, 2008

He's a Keeper

Sorry, ladies, he's taken. Very taken.

A conversation between my avowed Athiest husband and his son, Ben, at the dinner table a few nights ago:
Ben: I wonder who made God.
Don: Who made trees? (relating to a previous conversation)
Ben: I don't know.
Don: Who made you? Take another bite, please.
Ben: I don't know.
Don: Who made the planet and everything else?
Ben: God?
Don: So who made you? Take another bite, please.
Ben: God? (at this point, he was laying across his chair, feet in the air, fork blindly reaching for his plate)
Don: Sit up, please. So who made trees?
Ben: (around a mouthful of pork roast) God.
Don: So if God made all those things, He's been around a long time, right?
Ben: Yeah. I know, take another bite.
Don: So then God just is.
Ben: Okay, can I be full now?
Natalie: Yes, you can. (to Don) That was pretty good for an Athiest.
Don: Yeah, well when I'm groveling on my knees in front of Him, I'll tell Him to thank you.

So even though he professes that there is no such thing as God, one higher power that controls everything, I think he does appreciate the need for others, including his children and his wife, to believe in something greater than themselves. He believes in love, being kind, helping others, and working hard. If the application of his beliefs is restricted to those in his immediate family most of the time (his agressive driving is an example), well... he's at least on the right track and there is hope for the future.
So I'll keep him.

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