Monday, October 27, 2008

No Mo' Mojo

This is going to be a photo entry. I don't have the brain cells to write creatively this time. But the month is almost over... Here's what has eaten up all my mojo:
Football and Cheerleading:

Occupying Ben during games:

My dining room since October 14, when we started in on Abby's costume:

My kids no longer think it's cool to eat standing up in the kitchen, and frankly I'm tired of it too, but the dogs thought it was awesome.

The church fall party:
The costumes (a mermaid, Darth Vader and Annekin Skywalker):
And the Fire Fighter's Association Annual Halloween Party at the station. We went from working fire station to party central and back again in 8 hours. We had a full house this year, and I was so grateful for all the help. I ran around like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest, and the fire fighters (my husband included) and other association helpers were great to just do what I asked and not argue, and even better, they just did stuff that needed to be done. I'd go in to make coffee and find it already brewing, I'd go to bury"treasure" in the hay wagon only to find a fire fighter directing my children to do it. It went very well but I'm really glad it's over!

Now all that's left to do this month is 19 loads of laundry, a week's worth of dishes and fast food trash (that's mostly in the van, though), and compile and submit the scout's popcorn orders. Oh, and clean out the fridge, clean off the dining room table, clean the bird cage, vacuum, bathe the dogs (spring pond water is one thing, fall pond water is too disgusting for words, but they swim in it anyway...), plan a game and a craft for the class Halloween parties this Friday, and get over the cold I got for some strange reason...
At church Sunday someone asked how many days there were 'til Christmas.
I nearly punched him.


Susan Raihala said...

Whew! What a lot of stuff to do! Aren't we moms amazing? Glad you survived and posted all the pics.

PS I would have wanted to punch the guy at church, too.

firecracker panda said...

Yay for lots of pics!!

Gina said...

The thought of punching the man at church is too funny. I think that's the hardest I have laughed today. TFS.

Midway PTO said...
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Dana said...

I TRULY don't know how you stay SANE!! You are a VERY busy woman with such a servants heart - you are amazing! Thanks for ALL you do for our community - we love you for it. Dana