Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby on Board

I put all three of my children on the school bus this morning. What a milestone! What an amazing day for them! What an opportunity for me!
What bunk.
I did the typical things I took pictures, I waved and blew kisses and gave air hugs, I went back inside and made coffee and cried for awhile, and then I pulled myself together and did some laundry.
I comtemplated a shower, decided against it and played on the computer for about an hour, sorting through the 1,497 emails I haven't gotten around to deleting or putting in the right folder, checking out what's what on Facebook, snooping in my friends' profiles.
Drank some more coffee, switched out the laundry, sat on the porch and listened to the birds and read a couple chapters in a book I had forgotten I was reading.
Drank some more coffee, went to the bathroom ('cause by then I really had to with all that coffee...), wandered around the house some more and decided that I needed a list.
Lists are critical becuase I don't handle change well - I don't adjust to new schedules and big events by preparing for them weeks in advance, never have gotten the hang of gracefully transitioning to a new anything, and as a result each school year starts with me a little dazed and confused.
So I made a list.
And then tossed it.
Just for today, I sat around and did nothing. I figure if I don't adjust to things gracefully, I might as well go all the way. I took a nap in the lawn chair on the porch. I did dishes and laundry, but very slowly. I did take a shower, but not until 2:30. Mostly I just sat in the dining room and listened to the dogs snore.
It was wonderful. I might do it again tomorrow. I'll make a list next week.
The kids came home full of excitement about their first day, recess, lunch, PE, library books, their friends, and I listened and loved hearing about it all, even if it was from all three at once. As I write this two of them are asleep on the couch and one is staring vacantly at a video no one really wanted to watch. Their tummies are full of snack and their brains are tired from absorbing all the first day stuff, and the house is almost as quiet as it was earlier today, but it's that different kind of quiet. I enjoy them both.

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Susan Raihala said...

Natalie, enjoy the quiet! Our school starts next week, but I have grand plans...more on my to do list than I could possibly hope to do. Writing, reading, stamping, cleaning the basement, etc. But for the first few days I am DOING NOTHING but wander my house and dabble at whatever strikes my fancy. It'll be my first real vacation in a LONG time.

Glad you're back in blogdom!