Friday, June 8, 2012

Catching Up

I realize that a blog, in order to be successful, must be treated somewhat like a houseplant and tended to regularly.  I realize this is the first entry in over a year, if it was a schefflera it would be long dead, and for those of you who were the least bit interested, I am sorry.  I will do better.  I have a new computer, which helps tremendously.  The gerbils from the old one were tired and gray, and the little man with the abacus died last year.  The new one has an i5 processor and a 1T hard drive.  I did not buy this computer from the woman who condescendingly told me that with kids I probably needed  “a system with at least a tibbabite of memory because kids download so much stuff.” 
 Ummmm, no... 
I am not all that techno-savvy, but I do know that children should not be downloading anything without the express permission and extremely close supervision of an adult, and its terabyte. 
Sigh … What I wanted to share with you is my baby.  My second daughter, my last baby, my “I’m WHAT??? I can’t be, we… no, I just can’t be” baby.  My ‘starting-over second-chance’ baby.  My “hey, I can still change a diaper in 4.7 seconds and keep her asleep!” baby.  Here is her first year of life.
Presenting Echo Haydin Ardrey.    

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